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The never-ending gap between your afternoon meal and dinner time stares back at your stomach, tempting you to dip into a pack of snacks to satisfy your hunger. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s time to make a change to something healthier but still delicious. Vinpro Foods is one of India’s largest snack manufacturing enterprises, with a wide variety of tasty snacks at reasonable costs.

Vinpro Foods, one of India’s best snack manufacturers, offers an exciting range of snacks for your tummy.


To reduce weight, you don’t have to give up snacking. In reality, eating healthy snacks can aid weight loss by speeding up your metabolism and filling you up so you eat less at meals.


Energy Booster

Healthy snacks act as a slow-burning fuel source that keeps you going throughout the day. Vinpro produces high-quality energy-boosting snacks.


Low Calories

Having numerous snacks throughout the day helps to prevent post-meal tiredness caused by eating too many calories in one sitting. Vinpro snacks are minimal in calories, which is good for your health.



Every product made in the Vinpro kitchen tastes better than you expected because of unique blends and unexpected twists.


Wide Range

At Vinpro, we make a wide range of delectable snacks in a variety of flavours that taste just like your mother’s homemade snack.

Building a Legacy 

Our specialty is delivering the highest quality, natural, organic, and nutritious packed chips. Each of our items is of excellent freshness.


Only The Freshest Ingredients

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